Kolkata Teen Murdered After Party At Author Amit Chaudhuri’s Apartment



Kolkata : A teenager was found stabbed to death shortly after a birthday party at noted author Amit Chaudhuri’s house on Saturday.

The incident took place in the parking lot of the posh South Kolkata apartment complex.

Police sources say they suspect that a drunken fight among the party’s guests led to the death of Aabesh Dasgupta, a 17-year-old student. However, the police is unwilling to speak assertively till they crack the case as it involves underage suspects.

Aabesh Dasgupta’s mother, Rimjhim, told reporters, “This is an open and shut case. Police have the names of all the children who attended the birthday party. If the police interrogate the children, the truth will come out.”

Aabesh, a Class 12 student of one of the top schools in Kolkata, had gone to the apartment complex with friends for the birthday party of Mr Chaudhuri’s daughter. It was Mr Chaudhuri who rushed Aabesh to hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

Aabesh’s mother says none of the children have revealed what happened in spite of partying together the entire day.

She claims, since the incident took place in a parking lot which was easily accessible, it’s impossible that no one saw what happened.

“Can’t these kids tell the truth? Have these kids lost all their morals? This took place at author Amit Chaudhuri’s house. He rushed my kid to the hospital. What should I expect of an eminent personality like him? I expect him to help in bringing out what happened,” Rimjhim Dasgupta added.

Famous cricket expert Kishore Bhimani who also lives in the building told NDTV, “We have handed over the hard disk containing CCTV footage from the cameras. We can only say that we are very sorry for what happened here. Our heart goes out to the family of the young boy.”

Police sources say it won’t be difficult to crack the case as they have collected crucial evidence like broken glass bottles. The police are also studying CCTV footage for clues. The police say they expect a breakthrough soon in the case.