42 Leopards in Yamunanagar Kalesar National Park



The Haryana wildlife department has claimed to have counted 42 leopards in Yamunanagar’s Kalesar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary.
According to District Forest Officer RK Dhankhar, leopards were counted on the basis of cameras installed by the officials of the Wildlife Institute of India during a two-month exercise earlier this year.

“We have separate video footage of 42 leopards – both male and female. The officials of Dehradun have also catagorised male and female leopards and soon a report will be submitted to forest ministry,” Dhankhar said.

Beside leopards, there were 18 more species of animals captured in the cameras during the census of leopard in Kalesar forest spreads in Shivalik mountain range.
“The camera-trapping exercise recorded a total of 19 mammalian species. However no other species count was made as the study was primarily aimed at evaluating the population and density of leopards in Kalesar forest,” Dhankhar said.
The species counted during the camera trapping exercise included leopard, leopard cat, rusty spotted cat, jungle cat, jackal, Asiatic elephant, chital, sambar, barking deer, goral, nilgai, Indian crested porcupine, small Indian civet, common palm civet, gray langur, rhesus macaque, gray mongoose, wild pig and Indian hare.

The Haryana forest department has also hired officials of the Dehradun-based institute for a similar exercise in Aravalli mountain range, which is spread across six districts from Bhiwani to Palwal. Officials believe that the project would be completed by August this year. Such a survey is the need of the hour in the Aravallis as the forest department has been aiming to build all natural facilities in the region following reports of the institute to nurture wild animals further.

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