7 Reasons Why Women Have More Junk Food Cravings



Many studies have found that women in particular face frequent mood swings and the best way they seek to settle their abrupt changes in mood is by gorging on junk food. They perceive that treating themselves with luscious delicacies will please their senses. Recent researches have revealed that having healthy food in childhood and adolescence may reduce the junk food cravings in future for males but not for females. Moreover, if the mother during her pregnancy has unhealthy food habits then that could possible have adverse effects on eating habits of female off springs.

Since women find it healthy to give occasional treats to themselves, they easily resort to having pizzas, burgers, ice-creams, soft drinks, etc as they think that these food stuffs have lots of nutritive ingredients too. They find excuses to get such occasional treats, frequently. Also, most women have a fetish for spicy food and therefore, they find it difficult to control their temptation to have fast food.

While there are women who are doing their best to remain fit, but there are a large number of women for whom their physique and fitness is secondary. They feel that they have much physical activity and they have no additional time and energy for workouts. Many women feel that they won’t attain results sooner so they refrain from the thoughts of exercising. Despite having knowledge about the harmful effects of eating junk food, women are hardly able to resist their hunger pangs. If you want to know why women love to feast on junk food despite being unhealthy, then read these 7 reasons why women have more junk food cravings:

Changes in Climate

While there are numerous reasons for women to have junk food, but one of the most important reason is climate. If its summer, then they might feel like having more of cold and creamy desserts. In winters, they may not be able to control their temptations for having yummy chaat, aloo tikkis, Chinese cuisines, etc. With rainy seasons they might love to go for some pakodas, pizzas, samosas, kachoris, etc. Those lip smacking but unhealthy food stuffs always find popularity in women.

They Think Junk Is Not That Junk In Real Terms

Most women believe the notion that life is about enjoying and enjoying comes from eating too. They feel that when they regularly eat bread, spice, veggies and herbs, then indulging in junk food shouldn’t be an unhealthy step. They think that they will obviously get nutrition such as proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. out of them and they are just misconstrued as junk food.

Calms Their Fickle State Of Mind

Mood swings are more common to women than men. Studies say that an average women may face mood swings twice or thrice a day. To keep their mood swings at bay and increase the flow of the so called happy hormones, they give themselves a bounty treat of junk food. They feel better and calmer when they eat what they wish to. This is basically the strongest reason why women have more junk food cravings.

Inability To Distinguish

Not everyone is completely aware about health and healthy food items. Most of us don’t really know the procedure how cooking is done and which cooking method retains the best nutrition value. Similarly, women are unable to distinguish between healthy and junk food. Sandwiches come under the criteria of junk food, while a large proportion of people love to have heavy sandwiches in breakfast, just because it has energising bread and nutritive vegetables. But people ignore the inclusion of high content of butter and cheese.

Junk Food Is Loaded With Veggies

One of the undeniable fact is that most junk food comes loaded with vegetables. Be it pizza, burger, chaats, pakoras, samosas, etc. Since vegetables have fibre, vitamins, iron and other minerals, then what is wrong with consuming them? This is one of the main reasons why women convince themselves that food stuffs loaded with veggies are healthy.

They Find They Soul Soothing

Most women believe in satisfying their souls rather than tummy. They relish the taste of junk food just to keep themselves relaxed. They love to eat for their soul and they believe that when they eat to calm their nerves, then the satisfaction received fills up the feeling of emptiness. This is why women are fond of eating pop corns and ice creams while watching movies.

Being Under Peer Pressure

Not to forget that peer pressure is one of the pertinent reasons why women can’t say no to junk food. When women participate in kitty parties, social function, corporate parties, etc., they are expected to mingle with people and side-lining themselves in such occasions can effect their rapport with people. They are compelled to consume unhealthy food under peer pressure. However, there are always some healthy options, which needs to be explored.

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