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Watch! Panther Sneaks up and pounces on a defenseless Man



What happens when a man has an unexpected rendezvous with a panther? One would expect the meeting to end up in bloodshed, but here’s footage that will literally give you chills in the climax.

At first, it looks like the man in the video is doomed as a full grown panther stalks him from behind while he leans against a wall and speaks in Spanish.

The wild cat slowly approaches this man and pounces on him, but before anything gets ugly the man turns around and catches the panther in his arms. Turns out, the two are friends, and what follows later is totally unbelievable – the human and his panther exchange kisses!

This video was posted on Facebook on June 3, and has crossed over 10 million views so far. Watch it to believe it:

According to the posts on Facebook, the panther named Kal-El (christened after Superman’s birth name) is one of the many animals saved by the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. The man in the video is Eduardo Serio, founder of the organization, who is equally friendly with other wild animals like leopards, tigers and lions.