Egg Pakora – Egg fritters



Want to make an easy, innovative and healthy evening snack? Try this delicious and lip smacking egg pakora recipe this monsoon. It will be devoured by children and adults equally!

Brown or white eggs- 4
Water as per requirement
Gram flour- 1 cup
Turmeric powder- 2 teaspoon
Salt- 2 teaspoon
Black salt- 1 teaspoon
Cumin powder- 2 teaspoon
Black pepper- 1 teaspoon
Dry mango powder- 2 teaspoon
Red chilli powder- 2 teaspoon
Mustard oil for frying

Methods of preparation:-

1.Boil the eggs in 4 cups of water and 1 pinch of salt in a medium flame for 15 minutes.
2. Take the eggs out; sprinkle some cold water over it and peel off the shell. Using a knife, make a small cut on the middle and keep it aside.
3. Take a small mixing bowl and add gram flour with all the spices in it. Using water make a puree kind of paste mixture. You can also use cornflour instead of gram flour.
4. Place a kadai and add mustard oil in it and heat it. Take an egg and cover it with a thick layer of gram flour mixture. Put it in the oil and fry in a medium flame till it gets golden-red in colour.
5. Do the same with rest of the eggs. Make sure your flame is not high as the taste will get spoiled.
6. Take out in a paper towel and serve hot with green chutney or sauce. Enjoy…

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