Easy Yet Highly Effective Ways to Motivate Yourself



If you can’t seem to find yourself motivated because of several reasons, take a deep breath and try to motivate yourself with these simple yet effective tips:

1. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself reaching your goals.
2. Try something new today.
3. Take a walk in a park, and let nature reset your mind.
4. Make a to-do list. You’ll feel encouraged as you cross off items.
5. Get more sleep. Sleep deprivation could be making you less motivated.
6. Drink coffee for a quick jolt.
7. Start exercising, and you’ll feel like yourself
8.Take a small step. You don’t have to immediately immerse yourself in the project and see it until completion right away. Just make baby steps, and take it one day at a time.
9. Wake yourself up from your slump with a cold shower.
10. Have a reward system, so you’ll have something to look forward to.
11. When doing a task you don’t want to do, play energizing music to help you get through it.
12. Get the hard stuff done first thing in the morning. Once you’re done with the most challenging projects, you’ll be able to tackle the others with ease.
13. Prepare early so you’re not in a rush. When you’re late all the time or feel rushed, this may stress you out and kill your motivation.
14. Push yourself. Realize that getting things done means giving yourself a little push sometimes.
15. Grow your willpower. Read The Willpower Instinct for how to do this.
16. Make motivating yourself into a habit. 17. Read The Power of Habit to help you learn how to form habits.
18. Set a deadline for a task to spur you to get it done before the time is up.
19. Focus. Doing too many things at once can overwhelm you, so drop the multitasking and focus on one thing at a time.
Get a friend to join you to make whatever you’re doing more enjoyable.
20. Clean up your home or your workspace, and you’ll feel like you can get more done in a decluttered environment.

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