Uses and Benefits of GangaJal!



Ganga water has not only purified the body & soul of millions but has also given fertile land to the country in Uttrakhand, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. No other rivers in India command respect like river Ganga. It is regarded as the basis of commerce, life and religion in India. Below are key benefits of river Ganga.

Gangotri Gangajal is used in various religious activities like Gangapujan, Satyanarayan Katha , Ganesh Pooja, Laxmi Pooja, Deewali Chopda Poojan, Laghurudra, Maharudra, Atirudra, Durga Pooja, Navchandi Yagna , Gayatri Yagna, Bhoomi Poojan, Shilanyas, Murti Pratishta, Vastu Shanti, Grah Shanti, Nakshatra Shanti, Kalsarp Shanti , Shrradh Karma Narayanbali and other religious occasions. Bathe the idol of your own Ishta Devta with Gangajal during your daily pooja routing Abhishek of the shivalingam. Gangajal is considered equivalent to holy pilgrimages to all sacred places. Gangajal is said to complete all religious activity. Thus, is very important in all auspicious occasions.

Gangajal is rich of purest oxygen, nutrients, and salts, which make it clean and safe. Also, it can be used for a long time, and helps to cure chronic diseases.

Give your children, at least, one pouch / glass every day for healthy growth. It will provide as a healthy drink, and benefit in their growth and development.

Drink a pouch / glass every day prior you start for work, so that whole day is taken care of by the purity of Gangajal. It is like everyday worship. It would take care of your stomach related problems as well.

Gangajal being in its purest form enhances food taste.

Gangajal is very useful for health. It is Elixir for excellent digestion and keeps you fit. It also reduces acidity and stomach disorders. Patients are advised to take their medicines with Gangajal for speediest recovery. Gangajal is excellent for Diabetes, Kidney, Asthma, Arthritis, Liver, Stomach Disorders, Gastroenteritis etc.

Ladies are recommended to wash their face with Gangajal to preserve their beauty and also avoid skin eruptions and pimples. It works like an antiseptic. Gangajal helps in getting rid of various skin diseases, fungal skin infections etc. And takes good care of eyes.