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The district of Lahaul-Spiti is a cold desert area as it hardly gets any rain. Mountain ranges here are bare, bereft of any vegetation. As you drive up and down the Trans-Himalayan range, you see the region’s stunning landscape. Snow is a common feature here and some peaks never let it go, no matter what season it is. The rivers swiftly flow at the base of these mountains, carrying the water formed by melted snow.

Key Monastery
Key Monastery

Key Monastery, also called Ki or Kye Gompa, is the primary monastery of Kaza region. Located on the edge of a hill, overlooking the Spiti River, this is the most beautiful landmark of Kaza. You can see it from quite some distance, hanging from an almost cliff-like hill. When you reach the entrance arch of the monastery, look towards the valley and you are probably looking at the most beautiful part of Spiti Valley. Key Monastery, situated at a height of more than 4100 m, dates back to 11th CE and monks have been living and getting trained here since then. Inside the monastery is a prayer hall that is quite ornate.

Chandratal Lake
Chandratal Lake

If you attempt to cross the mighty Kunzum Pass, you are rewarded by the view of Chandratal—a moon-shaped lake with its water changing colours throughout the day. It takes a bit of an effort to reach Chandratal. You can either reach it on foot from either Batal or Kunzum Pass, or opt for the motorable road that takes a little longer route but goes almost till the base of the lake. There are vast meadows on the way where you can camp if you decide to spend a day here. Best time to visit Chandratal is between noon and 4 pm when the lake takes an aquamarine blue colour. It changes colour as the clouds move over it. A small chorten with colourful prayer flags stands at the edge of the lake.

Pin Valley National Park

Pin Valley National Park is located in Lahaul & Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. The region is a cold desert, which is adjoined to the Great Himalayan National Park in the southwest and Rupi Bhabha sanctuary in the south. The park extends from the latitudes 31°45′-32°11’N and longitudes 77°45′-78°06’E.

kibber village

KIBBER village is located at an height of 4205m and 18 km from Kaza. The highest village in the world which is connected by motorable road and is the highest habitated village in the world which has its own polling station during elections.One has to drive ahead from Key Monastery to reach this village.

Trilokinath Temple
Trilokinath Temple

Triloknath temple is situated in Udaipur sub division of District Lahaul and Spiti of Himachal Pradesh . It is nearly 45 KM from Keylong , Distt Head Quarter of Lahaul and Spiti early 146 KM from Manali . Ancient name of Triloknath temple is Tunda vihar . . This is holy shrine is revered equally by Hindus and the Buddhists. Hindus consider Triloknath deity as ‘Lard Shiva’ while the Buddhists consider the deity as ‘ Arya Avalokiteshwar ‘ Tibetan language speaking people called him as ‘Garja Fagspa‘.
This holy shrine is so important that is it is considered as most scarred pilgrim thirth next only to o kailash and Mansarover . The uniqueness of the temple lies in the fact that it is the only temple in the whole world where both Hindu and Buddhists pay their reverence to the same deity . The temple is situated in the panoramic Chandra Bhaga valley to the western Himalayas .

Yak Safaris
yak safari

The only way to travel in the Himalayas! We offer a one day safari in the high plateaus far above the valley floor which includes a picnic lunch and wildlife spotting which can easily be expanded and camping accommodation arranged to lengthen your Yak Safari adventure into as many days as you may want.

Mountain Biking

One route from the south, along the valleys from Kinnaur traditionally allowed easy access to Spiti. It travels along the Satluj and later along the Spiti River. This route is now motorable and is kept open almost throughout the year. This spectacular road is generally open from mid-June till late October depending on snow conditions on the passes.

Tibetan Shops

There are a number of Tibetan shops here, where one can shop for gems and jewellery, local ornaments, semi-precious stones as well as ceramic utensils.

Local Food and Cuisine of Spiti
Spiti’s cuisine has an interesting mix of delicacies which one must indulge in. Though the Tibetan food dominates the platters here, one finds satisfying North-Indian food as well as a dash of Israeli food. The local food items that one should not miss include Momos, Thukpa, Butter tea, Chang (a locally made beer), Arkah (a locally made whiskey) and more. Other than these, flavoured and aromatic teas such as those with garnishes of lemon, mint, ginger, honey are quite popular.

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