How to Dress for a First Date, According to Your Sign



Pay 100% attention to this article, ladies! So, he’s caught your attention and he’s invited you on a first date (oh happy days), but once your excitement has passed, stress starts to build. What outfit should you wear, what will catch his eye? You know how much the first impression counts, so don’t miss our astrological advice on how to find the perfect outfit.

Getting ready for a first date is often something that causes panic. You would love to give the best impression possible, but it’s not easy finding the balance between looking perfect and overdoing it. How should you do your makeup? What should you wear? Trousers? A dress? Those shoes you love so much but clash with your favourite dress…

If your hunk is an Aries, know that he strongly dislikes vulgarity or poor taste. To avoid anything going wrong, carefully study! what not to do on your first date!

The Perfect First Date Outfit for Your Astrological Sign

1. Aries

Red is your color, and that’s a good thing because this is the color of passion and love… Be daring enough to wear your prettiest red dress, and Aries won’t know how to resist you. Also consider wearing red lipstick, and don’t forget a fantastic pair of earrings that will highlight your lovely face, dress like a princess tonight!

2. Taurus
Floral clothing

You are the ultimate sign of sensuality… consider flowy materials that will hug your curves, like silk or cashmere. Floral clothing will do you wonders, so don’t hesitate to embellish your dress with numerous necklaces and scarfs that will showcase how you carry yourself so beautifully.

3. Gemini

You love to be original and differentiate yourself from others! Let yourself go and slip on that brightly colored designer dress that shows off your curves like never before! You bring a breath of fresh air and this style is crazy flattering! Consider some bracelets to polish up this look.

4. Cancer
classic dress

You love authentic clothing that, to you, has some signification. Your silhouette is often feminine, so don’t wait around to showcase your curves with a plunging neckline. Fall for a classic dress that has a vertiginous neckline!

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5. Leo

Red, orange, and yellow are your colors! Choose flowy articles of clothing that will allow you to gracefully show off. Your outfit should reflect your energy and grace. Don’t be hesitant in highlighting some pieces of hair, which will help illuminate your face.

6. Virgo

You love simplicity, so resort you’re your beloved little black dress, which no one will know how to resist… Think about adding a belt that will emphasise your waist. Since you love punctuality, don’t leave the house without putting on a watch!

7. Libra
relaxed chic

You love ladylike dresses that showcase your figure, and you have a good reason to because they make you look amazing! Choose a “relaxed chic” outfit since you have a natural class in everything you do. You have a gift of making any outfit look stylish!

8. Scorpio
clings to the body

Don’t leave the house without your sexy red and black lingerie on… This is the foundation of your style, and you feel at ease in anything sexy because you’re a real tease. Choose an outfit that clings to the body, preferably in leather or satin. You make people panic, and you love this!

9. Sagittarius

You have the ability and way of transforming your basic pieces into fashion garments just by adding a little bit of detail (which makes all the difference). Consider showing off your legs… bring out the heels and you’re prettiest dress!

10. Capricorn

You appreciate wearing clothes that are good quality, and the materials and cut should be well-made. You love feeling free and feminine, so give priority to clothing that’s ample and flowing, which will show you off without hindering you.

11. Aquarius

You must wear color! Consider orange or purple, which will both do you wonders. Your clothes must be unique and have their own story. Vintage clothing is made for you and you know how to show yourself off, all while staying original!

12. Pisces
sea green.

So you love shoes, especially those that elongate your legs and make you look great, like heels! Your colors are aquatic: turquoise, light blue, and sea green. Keep these colors in mind to help bring out your eyes. Consider a velvet dress that will go perfectly with your prettiest pair of heels…

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