Who Said That Whiskey Is Harmful To Health?



Alcohol, like many other things is seriously harmful to health if not consumed responsibly. Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks, due to its unique taste, countless flavor characteristics but also thanks to the fact that good whiskey rarely causes hangover.

In addition, Whiskey has a unique flavor and healing properties.

The first reports of whiskey distillation, place it in the early 15th century, when the Scottish and Irish refer to it as the water of life (Aqua Vitae), due to its therapeutic properties. During the American Revolution, whiskey was used as currency. Even George Washington had his own distillery in Mount Vernon. In the era of Prohibition (1920-1933) whiskey was the only alcoholic beverage allowed for consumption on prescription.

So after all these admittedly useful information, let’s look at 11 reasons why Whiskey, the king of spirits is actually good for your health.

Enhances memory

It has been observed that the containing antioxidants contribute to brain health. Whiskey stimulates blood circulation and enhances memory. Also ethanol helps to better neurons functioning. Another research in the «New England Journal Of Medicine», showed that casual drinkers were more thorough cognitive function than people who do not put it in their mouths.

Anxiolytic Activity

How many times have you relaxed in the company of a Single Malt Whisky? The whiskey has anxiolytic activity and calms the nerves. The combination of slowing brain function, stimulating blood circulation caused by the consumption of whiskey helps calm the drinker.

Whisky against weight gain

The best option if you’re on a diet! Whiskey is low in calorie levels, has zero fat and cholesterol levels and produces fewer sugars when metabolized next to wine.

Reduces the chance of stroke

It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the cardiovascular system and assists in removal from the body, resulting in a gradual decrease. It also relaxes the walls of arteries reducing blocking probabilities, significantly reducing the risk of stroke.

Helps digestion

Known for its digestive properties after rich meals for centuries. Moreover, the high amount of alcohol containing reduces appetite.


Research at UCLA has shown that a small amount of alcohol has doubled the life expectancy of small worms, without being clear why. There are of course even more optimistic surveys, such as the Catholic University of Campo basso who found that 4 glasses per day reduces the likelihood of death from any cause up to 18%!

Improves heart health

Red wine and whiskey help the heart to stay healthy. Reduces the risk of blood clots by reducing the risk of stroke or heart attack. Not just talking about lower death rates from heart attacks, but a significantly lower risk of heart disease.

Improves brain health

Thanks to its antioxidant properties, moderate whiskey consumption reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and also improves the cognitive functions of the brain. If you want to keep the doctor away from your brain then drink whiskey.

It prevents and fights colds

Whisky is known for its beneficial effect against allergies and colds. It is a good cough suppressant and thanks to the amount of alcohol it contains, kills bacteria responsible for sore throats. For best results combine a little whiskey in hot water with a few drops of lemon and honey.

Helps erection

A study conducted in 1,500 men in Australia showed that moderate whiskey drinkers showed 30% lower rates of erectile dysfunction, compared with those who did not drink at all. It is believed that alcohol in moderation helps to improve blood flow in the penile arteries. Heavy drinking, however, had the opposite effect.

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