Watch: Sonu Nigam performs on Mumbai streets as an old man



Sonu Nigam teamed up with YouTube channel Being Indian for a little social experiment, where he went out onto the streets of Juhu in Mumbai – disguised as an old beggar.

Hidden cameras captured the Bollywood singer singing with a harmonium and a chalkboard that read, “Khojta kya hai? Khushiyaan yahin hain.” The camera documented people’s reactions to his singing.


Crowds stopped, and gathered around him. One passerby even complimented his singing and sought permission to record his voice.
Nigam got Rs 12 from a passerby for his singing, which he said was like receiving “lakhs of rupees”.

Using heavy prosthetics, he was trasnformed into an unrecognisable, older version of himself.

Though he looked older, his voice was obviously the same, which did not end up being a dead giveaway about his guise, as he sang his famous hit Kal Ho Na Ho.
Right at the end, a clip from his concert showcases thousands of people enjoying his music. It serves as a stark contrast to the reaction he received, for singing as a beggar.
old man
Sonu spoke about how people constantly focus on the future while going about their lives, and they end up neglecting what the present has to offer.
He spoke about wanting to experience the small joys of life, which was a big takeaway from the experience for him.

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