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20 year old Sasha Jairam has had a life extraordinaire since she discovered her love and flair for fashion photography at the age of 16, an age when most teens are spending time in fun and frolicking. After spending her childhood in Chikmagalur and Shimoga, Sasha moved to Bengaluru and did her 11th and 12th grades from Bangalore International School. As part of her school curriculum, she was to choose an additional non-academic subject. Her first choice incidentally was not photography but jewellery designing! Her brother encouraged her to take photography after seeing her flair for angles, aesthetics, lighting etc.

Sasha with her mother
sasha with mother

At school, she was introduced to the basics of photography which got her hooked and interested enough to delve deeper into the subject on her own. She learnt Photoshop and other skills related to photography on her own and learnt to even develop photographs and discovered that her real interest lay in fashion photography. “Photography is my heart and soul because it has actually brought out the best active side of me, she says”. The day she got her first smart phone when she was in 8th grade, she started clicking pictures of her friends and found herself fairly satisfied with the results.However, the phone was confiscated most of the time and she got it back only three years later!! Sasha says “ I HATE STUDYING..I can’t do any books or anything remotely connected with studying. Numbers and me don’t get along and are not even distant cousins! I am good with any form of art. I am very good with my hands and that, I think is my forte”. At 17 itself, she had an amazing portfolio and had make a mark in the field. On her smartphone, Sasha clicked pictures of a Miss-India 2014 finalist which was part of the model’s portfolio!

The London Experience

After completing her 12th grade, Sasha wanted to pursue her soul calling and with her family’s support, she enrolled in the University of the Arts, London at the London College of Fashion where she is currently doing her final year of BA in Fashion Photography. She says of her move “ I owe it to my family for their encouragement and support without whom I really am nothing. It was because of their faith in me and the freedom that they gave me to follow my dreams that I could go to this prestigious institute. My family is my strength”. She adds “Going to study what I love in London is the most wonderful thing that has happened. It opened up a lot of avenues for me and I had the opportunity of working with a number of photographers there. My work was published in Mykonos, Greece”. Sasha’s pictures have also been published in Italian Vogue online and in Last Daze magazine, U.K.

From Sasha’s Cache of Photographs.

The Miss India Experience
smoke girl

Sasha was the official photographer at the recently concluded Miss India, 2016 and shares her experience “This guy who was interning with the Times of India, Jeevan Prasad, came to my dad’s office for a meeting about how he could recommend me as the official photographer for FMI. And things just fell into place and I was roped in as their official photographer and my joy knew no bounds! The Miss India experience was quite a different one to be honest as I met a lot of raw faces during the pageant and trained them to pose in front the camera. It was quite an amazing experience working with such a sweet and understanding team and the girls were such darlings!”.

Model Shot By Sasha.


Sasha’s first camera was a Canon 1200D gifted by her dad and her favourite genre is boudoir, raw portraits, editorials ( conceptual; outdoor ), lingerie and nudes. She says of her favourites “My favourite photographers are Karl Lagerfeld, David Bellemere, Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino and Prabuddha Das Gupta. And my inspiration has to be Karl Lagerfeld! He is just so amazing!“. Amongst her favourite models, Sasha says “Nicole Padival, Varsha Gopal, Gabriella Demetriades, Shibani Dandekar, and Nidhhi Agerwal are all so good and it is so so easy to work with them and they just have it in them”. “I hope I will have the opportunity to work with Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid and Candice Swanepoel”.

Model Shot By Sasha.

Pressures Due To Fame

On the pressures of fame and success at a young age, she says modestly “I dealt with it by being grounded and everyone around me too treats me normally. I like it that way because I really don’t need that kind of attention on me all the time. As regards the pressure, competition and pressure actually motivate me to put in my best!”.

Model Shot By Sasha.

Style Statement And Trends

Sasha’s love for fashion is evident in everything that she does. Her favorite personal style is all black and a bit of khaki outfits and of course, bags and sunglasses. Speaking of current trends, she adds “The current trend where the girls dress up more like a tomboy is my absolute favourite! I love dressing up as a tomboy more than dressing up as a clichéd version of a girl – dresses, pink stuff and all that jazz!”.

Model Shot By Sasha.

Future Plans

Sasha dreams of a studio in Bengaluru and Mumbai after her stint in London. She adds “I wish to contribute to making Bengaluru more happening in the fashion scene”. Apart from being a well-known photographer, Sasha lives the life of a regular youngster – dancing, driving around town and hanging out with friends. She loves to try out new cuisines and is a foodie.



Just 20 but raring to go with experience that most people can only dream of, Sasha says “ Just follow your dreams and do what you want to. I believe that if you want to do something that you love, to achieve it, you have to go grab it no matter what. Even if your parents stop you, fight for your future. Follow your passion and the rest will follow!”.

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