How to look Stylish on a Budget



Style is a physical reflection of your personality, and it need not always be an expensive affair. How you carry yourself influences how people perceive you and what they think about you. So, if you want to look stylish but are running on a budget, here are some easy tips to tackle the situation like a pro. The basic rule here is to use your creativity and make the most out of whatever is available to you.

Dye tights with food colours
Tights can be worn with a huge variety of tops and kurtas. They’re comfortable and look elegant when paired up well with other accessories. You can buy a bunch of cheap white tights and dye them in different food colours. Just put some water for boiling, put your choice of food colour in it and dunk in your opaque white tights in it. Use a (non-wooden) spoon to immerse it completely in the coloured water.

Cut a tank top from t-shirt

Recycle and reuse your old t-shirts by converting them into tank tops. They’re easy to make and can be used on all casual occasions.

Check out factory outlets

Most big brands have factory outlets where you can get their brand’s clothes at a very cheap rate. They even have huge collections to choose from. Find out which brand’s factory outlets are there in your city and you can shop from there next time onwards

Buy basics that can be reused

Always keep a set of basic black or white shirts, tops, shorts or scarves, which can be mixed and matched with a number of other clothes and shoes. Get creative and craft new stylish looks for yourself every day.

Off-Season Shopping

One of the smart ways of budget shopping is to buy clothes which are least expensive in that season, for example, buying woollen clothes in summer. They’re generally put on heavy discounts and you can wear them when the season is right.

Buy what suits you!

The most important thing in creating or maintaining your own style statement is that you buy clothes that suit you the best; they should complement your body type, skin tone, height, etc. Don’t fall for expensive “new arrivals” every time, instead just buy things that would always look good on you. After all, fashion may keep on changing, but your style is forever.

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