Celebrities With Some Really Weird Habits



Celebrities lead a larger than life role even in their daily lives. Press conferences, photo shoots and interviews set this larger than life image of theirs in our heads, and when this happens we forget that they are regular human beings just like us.

That means they have habits too – good and bad. And some of these habits can be downright quirky.

1. Brad Pitt doesn’t take a bath for weeks

His stink has been so unbearable that his co-star Eli Roth on the sets of Inglorious Basterds taught him how to keep himself clean with baby wipes.

His excuse is that he doesn’t get enough time to take a shower for up to two weeks at a time.

Fun fact – Brad Pitt doesn’t use soap at all when he showers, because he thinks they are toxic.

2. Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after she is done with her business
megan fox

Megan Fox herself has admitted she forgets to flush the toilet after she is done pooping. She has also said that her friends always complain because she leaves the toilet unflushed and rather disgusting.

3. Jessica Simpson doesn’t brush her teeth every day

Jessica Simpson
She brushes her teeth thrice a week, and on the other days wipes them clean with a rag or a piece of cloth. Very unhygienic

4. Robert Pattinson doesn’t see the point in washing his hair

The secret to his fabulous hair? He doesn’t wash them for weeks. By his own admission, he said that he hadn’t washed his hair for 6 WEEKS. He also feels that he doesn’t really need to wash his hair, because he doesn’t care.

Are the Twilight fans still swooning?

5. Kesha drank her own urine to get ripped

We get it when Bear Grylls does it because it is for the sake of survival. Kesha drank her own pee on TV because she wanted to get into “kick-ass shape”.

She stopped doing that after she realized that drinking pee doesn’t get anyone into kick-ass shape.

6. Christina Aguilera doesn’t wash her hands after she poops

A bathroom attendant saw her come out of the toilet and skip the whole process where people wash their hands properly, because they pooped.

Turns out, she even finished her meal at the restaurant after this and even shook hands with the unsuspecting fans who approached her.

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