Inequality Among Salary Earners



The top 2.5% of salaried people get over a fifth of total income from salaries in India. As the chart shows, the top 0.2%, those with annual income over Rs.1 crore, get 6.1% of the total income from salaries. The data has been taken from the income tax assessment statistics, for assessment year 2012-13.

Top salary

The top 9.3% of salaried individuals—those with income above Rs.20 lakh a year—get as much as 37.7% of the total income from salaries. The top 27.5% of the salaried population gets 61.7%, or almost two-thirds of total salaried income. In contrast, the bottom 31.7% get 9.1%. This doesn’t include those individuals filing zero salary income, which is a substantial number.

Note that the data is only for individuals’ salary income. Other sources of income for individuals include business income and capital gains.