Attractions and Places to see in Kasauli



A quiet retreat from the maddening chaos of the busy city life, Kasauli with its flowers-filled gardens and cobbled streets has a wide range of things to do that would suit each and every traveller.

Kasauli has some wonderful sightseeing options and a must visit is a Monkey Point. The view from this point overlooking Sutlej River is breathtaking. If you derive pleasure in watching birds in their habitat then Kasauli is the place for you. The pine and deodar forests in the hill station offer a lifetime chance to a passionate birdwatcher. Marvel at the sights of beautiful churches or pay a visit to Krishan Bhavan Mandir built in European style.

The hill station offers activities like trekking, paragliding, and camping for adventurous travellers and if that it is too much for you then you can opt for nature walks around the lush green forests of Kasauli.

Just let the pristine air of this stunning hill station calm and soothe your soul and rejuvenate you so that you are ready to face the world once back at home.

Sightseeing in Kasauli

There is not much for sightseeing in Kasauli as the hill station is low on sights, but at the top of the list is definitely Monkey Point, named for the Hindu god Hanuman, a temple to whom marks the spot.

Shopping in Kasauli

Shopping in Kasauli is limited to buying handicrafts and local knick-knacks from the Mall Road and the Tibetan market.

Activities in Kasauli

Going for treks, nature walks, paragliding, and camping are some of the outdoor activities in Kasauli that you can enjoy here.

Christ Church in Kasauli

Some of the interesting places near Kasauli that you can visit are Christ Church

Eating Out in Kasauli

Eating out in Kasauli is all about tasting scrumptious authentic and popular dishes like Maadra, Kadhi, Dham, Poppy Seeds Halwa and Green Ginger Tea.


Festivals & Events in Kasauli

All round the year, the people of Kasauli are in a festive mood, taking part in different celebrations, festivals and events with much fanfare and enthusiasm.

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