Introducing Your New Time Cats



1. Relaxing on the TV

Relaxing on the TV
In previous years, sitting and relaxing on a TV was quite easy for cats as the TVs were big and had space for cats to sit. Now, with the incoming of LCDs and LEDs, cats hang rather than sit on the TV.

2. Intrusion
Pets need the love from their owners and for this, they sometimes intrude their owners, personal space. Before, it was that they would read a book and then the cat could crawl upon the book. Nowadays, they need to come in front of the laptop screens in order to gain attention.

3. Trying to get warm

These purring pussycats often want their bodies to be warm and so, for this, they would do various things like squeezing themselves into small spaces. But, this was before, now they could just sit on adapters or chargers to feel warm.

4. Hunting


Cats’ favorite prey is said to be a rat or a mouse, which we all know since our childhood. You all must have seen the “Tom & Jerry Show,” which was our initial resource. But today the poor animal gets confused with the mouse of a computer system.

5. Closeness to nature


Earlier, a cat would sit near the window and see birds outside. They would enjoy a little bird watching. Now, they would see birds only virtually.

6. Tangled


Wool-ball is known to be the favorite toy of cats, as per our knowledge. The cats would get tangled in the wool. But today, they get tangled in the wires which they don’t even enjoy that much.

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