The Strongest Kids In The World



1. Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe
Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe
These two romanian brothers have so much strength and ability that they can perform exercise moves that grown professionals would have trouble replicating. Giuliano recently made headlines when he posted a video of himself performing 90-degree push ups. If that isn’t impressive enough the 9 year old also performed a human flag or over a minute and a half and 31 human flag pull ups. His younger brother Claudiu is following in his footsteps and you can see videos online of the youngest Stroe performing vertical push ups and human flags as if they require no effort at all.

2. Maryana Naumova

Maryana Naumova
Proving that being the strongest isn’t just for the guys, russian Maryana Naumova currently holds the title of strongest teenage girl in the world. This 16 year old russian student is a noted female powerlifter who wins competitions wherever she goes. When she was just 15 years old, Maryana participated in the Arnold Classic, a competition named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. At the tournament, she bench pressed an astounding 331 lbs – more than most adults can lift.

3. Jake Schellenschlager

Jake Schellenschlager
Now 15 years old, powerlifter Jake Schellenschlager began his journey to becoming one of the world’s strongest kids when he was 12. At 14 years of age, Jake entered a weight lifting competition in Pennsylvania. Weighing in at just 119 lbs, he successfully squatted 225 lbs and bench pressed 205 lbs. But, where this teenager left his mark was in the dead lift competition. There, Jake succeeded in lifting 300 lbs – well over twice his body weight and a record for his age and weight class.

4. Richard Sandrak

Richard Sandrak
While he’s now 23 years old, when Richard Sandrak was just a kid he made headlines thanks to his muscles. Born in Ukraine, Richard started exercising at 2 and by the age of 6 he was bench pressing an incredible 180 lbs. A daily workout routine of 600 push-ups and 300 squats helped Richard maintain his form and a ridiculously low body fat level of less than one percent.

5. Yang Jinlong

At 7 years old, Yang Jinlong definitely qualifies as one of the world’s strongest kids. The chinese school boy is large for his age, weighing in at a hefty 110 lbs. He also possesses strength which is unusual for kids of his age range. Jinlong has demonstrated the ability to consistently carry his 200 lb. Father on his back. The pint-sized powerhouse can also lift and carry 220lb. Bags of cement. If that’s not enough, he demonstrated the ability to haul the family’s minivan along the road – a handy skill should it ever break down.


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