Beautiful Night Photography



Night Photography: It’s very interesting to capture night photos. If you are a city dweller, you will appreciate the night city life, when the whole world around you seems to be calm. Night photography is usually taken during the dusk or dawn, when you don’t have much natural light. Night photographers use either artificial light or long exposure to make the night photos usable. By using wide aperture lenses and high speed films, night photography is a beautiful and most sought after field. Slow shutter speeds and artificial lighting is the key technique to achieve sharp images for the night photography. Most of these night photos are so mystical and yet they are real. Kudos to the wonderful photographers who worked hard to bring such beauty to our eyes. Enjoy these beautiful night photos and be inspired.

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Night Photography Tips

Good quality pictures: It’s important to have high quality pictures for editing the night photos. So always use the RAW feature. It allows you to have an upper hand in the color balance. You can easily increase or darken the exposures to get the desired effect.

Tripod: A tripod is important since you will have to deal with long exposure shots, so holding a camera still for a very long period, doesn’t make any sense. Make sure your camera is fixed to the tripod and don’t shake the tripod even slightly, if you are looking for sharper images. Since you are working on slow shutter speeds, any slight movement to your camera will result in blurred night photos.

Use the mid range: Make sure you choose the middle range of your camera’s aperture, to get the sharpest image. Usually this is between f/8 to f/16, so depending your camera, choose mid range.

Use Manual mode: Use the manual mode settings, while using your camera for night photography. This way you can adjust it to the narrow aperture and slow shutter speed for capturing sharp night photography.

Mirror lock: Like we said, even a slightest movement of your camera will result in blurred images, make sure you lock the mirror inside your digital camera. You have an option to lock the mirror, so check your manuals, if you don’t know about it.

Use self timer: Use a self timer on your camera, so you don’t have to touch your camera. Nowadays all digital slr’s have their own built in self timer to activate the shutter. But for some pictures, you might need a timing, in those cases use a remote release option.

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