6 Things Single Women Should Do Before Turning 30



In earlier times, it was a ‘social norm’ for women to get married at an early age. Today however, with increasing women empowerment, emphasis on education and availability of resources, more and more women are now entering the work brigade and excelling in their respective careers. These are a few reasons why many of them are not in a hurry to get married soon. Some women now prefer to wait till their 30s to find Mr. Perfect to tie the knot. For all those women out there, here are some things you should do before you say ‘I Do’.

1. Live alone (or with roommates)
Well, this maybe a frowned upon decision in many Indian sections and families, but living alone is another empowering thing for all you strong ladies out there. Living alone would give you a sense of freedom like never before. It would make you more responsible and mature. And, it would also teach you the importance of having your closed ones around.

2. Face your fear

There is something that almost everyone is afraid of, what is yours? It can be anything like skydiving, travelling alone or confrontation or public speaking. Dig deep the hard exterior to find that one thing you are afraid of, and strike that off the list. Wouldn’t it feel great to conquer your fear before you set out for the next amazing phase of your life?

3. Learn how to cook
You might feel this is an advice out of 1950s, but it is something that is quite empowering. Learning how to cook would ensure that you know how to fend for yourself. Apart from this, cooking is definitely a healthier and cheaper option than seeking takeout or processed food all the time.

4.Join a new hobby
A ‘how to’ class would be another amazing idea for you to try on. There would always be something that you have always thought of learning. It could be a style of dancing, a painting workshop, guitar class, a cooking class or a makeup course. Enrol yourself in a hobby class to learn whatever you wish. Who knows where life takes you after getting married and what skill might come in handy later on?

5.Forgive and forget
Do you hold a grudge against someone? Is there anyone you feel you will never be able to forgive because of what they did to you? Let it go. Holding a grudge will always make you have negative feelings. You are about to turn 30. You are way past the age of immaturity. So, learn to forgive and forget the past.

6. Make peace with your past
And lastly, make peace with your past. However happy or painful it has been, if you do have a past then before you get married and start a new life with your partner, make sure, you are still not hung up on your past. Accept gracefully that it is over and have good memories of it. Doing so will help you lead a happy life with your life partner.

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