Five Colourful Handbags We’re Loving For The Summer



While the summer heat and oily skin issues maybe something we’d all rather live without, you can’t help but admit that summer fashion season is the best time of the year for all those who love to experiment with colours. The stores are blooming in the brightest of shades and prints, that’s a serious breath of fresh air from the monochromes of winter. In addition to clothing, the season also brings in the opportunity to experiment with a bunch of colourful accessories. Think bright tote bags and clutches to help you make a serious statement with your outfit. We rounded up a list of five colourful handbags that are true to the essence of the season, and what you should pair them with for a fab look:

sunny satche bag - news on hunt

1.This sunny satchel from Zara is not oversized, yet packs in all your essentials with ease. Pair this with a classic white on denim combination and you’ll even keep up with the colour block trend! The bright hue will be sure to draw attention and make a statement.
multitoned clutch - news on hunt

2. For the inner teenage girl in you, you can’t help but love these pink bags from ASOS. Go the Taylor Swift way by pairing the micro bag with a pair of separates for on point street style, or amp up your LBD with the multitoned clutch.

denims - news on hunt

3. It might be a little too hot to wear the denims for summer, but for all you denim lovers Michael Kors packs in the beloved fabric into their new collection of handbags for the summer. You can literally pair this rugged edged sling with anything in your wardrobe, ranging from a printed dress to white shorts and a tee!

shimmery clutch

4.We all need a little sparkle in our life and this shimmery clutch packs in some moving glitter to add to the fancy factor. It might be fragile, but imagine taking this to the club and watching it move while you groove.


5. Botanical prints are so on trend, and when you’re not wearing them in your outfit, you can definitely amp up the summer quotient in a solid coloured outfit with this bag or even pair it with basic tees and jeans.

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