The Follow Me couple’s Photos are just as Gorgeous as you’d expect



You’ve probably seen this globe-trotting couple online before. Their photos are the ones where she’s reaching back to hold his hand as he snaps the picture, with some exotic locale lying ahead of them. They’re the work of Russian photographer Murad Osmann, and they’re part of an ongoing series called Follow Me. Osmann is behind the lens, and his girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova, is the subject.

They’ve been just about everywhere.( Udaipur, India.)

Follow me couple at taj mahal - news on hunt

And in each shot, Zakharova wears something fabulous.( At the Taj Mahal)


They’ve had their share of adventures.( Running for cover at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.)


..and seen many a sight (Taking in the view in Eze, France)


The photos were all set up to appear as though Zakharova was leading Osmann on an adventure across the globe. They seem to have been just about anywhere, and can be seen posing in front of both famous landmarks and obscure sights alike.

After so many travels, the couple’s bond grew stronger and stronger, until finally, Osmann popped the question.
She said yes!

Osmann stuck by her through the wedding preparations.

After much planning, the big day finally arrived!


The couple was also kind enough to let us in on some behind-the-scenes shots.


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