Move forward and learn to face the challenges of life



“Tragedies are part of life; no setback is bigger than the one which plunges you into helplessness.”

Blind since birth, newspaper seller Hamid had a turbulent childhood with divorced parents but these struggles did not keep him from living a life based on principles.

At a young age, Hamid said he was determined to do something with his life and was not going to let his disability deter him from progressing in life.

“I was taught at school to not depend on anyone but myself,” Hamid said as he narrated his life events when many a times people tried giving him charity.

“If people gave me even Rs10, I would throw it back at them; my foundation is very strong and I was taught never to beg or rely on anyone else,” he said.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Hamid was unable to complete his Bachelors and started working as a newspaper seller.

“If a newspaper is for Rs18 and someone gives me Rs20, I will always return the change; taking money from people once leads to becoming a habit and I don’t want that,” he explained.

Hamid addresses his disability in an astounding manner. “There is no point in crying over the problems that have befallen us and creating another tragedy; one must gather the strength and will to live,” Hamid said.

Leaving a note of inspiration for the viewers of the video, Hamid said, “build your own paradise if you can; the fire of hell is better than a paradise you have to beg for.”

The story of Hamid was captured in the video

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