Crowds will be Umpire in IPL this time!



The popular T20 tournament IPL 2016 promises to be a unique season as this time around, viewers will get the chance to air their views on the decision referred to the third umpire, says IPL chairman Rajiv Shukla on Tuesday.

According to Shukla, this decision will include the involvement of the viewers.

“They will be given a placard, and whatever they say, out or not out, that will be caught by the camera and shown on the screen….but the decision of the third umpire will be final,” he added.

“This opinion will not matter to the third umpire, he will go as per whatever he sees on the (TV) screen,” he said, speaking to reporters at a function in Mumbai.

Bollywood stars Ranveer Singh, Katrina Kaif and the singer Yo Yo Honey Singh, among others, would be performing in the IPL opening ceremony on April 8 at Worli in Mumbai, Shukla said.

“To strengthen (anti-corruption measures) BCCI President has spoken to Maharashtra Chief Minister to ask if the services of Mumbai police can be availed of; then anti-corruption unit, ICC anti-corruption unit, Mumbai police can together seek information and act on it,” he added.

Asked if too much cricket was being played, Shukla said the season will culminate with IPL.

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