6 Reasons Why Emotional People Lead A Better Life



The quality of life that we lead usually depends on the choices we make and how we make them. Human beings are born with minds and hearts and also the ability to tap the preferred mode of how they communicate their emotions. While logical people are popularised to live a better life just because they can ‘control’ their sentiments and channel them when needed, it is in fact the emotionally sensitive people who lead a better life. This is how:

1. Their Growth Is Constant: Being emotional means they are evolving constantly and are more consciously aware of their feelings and sentiments, something which more logical people tend to discard.

2. They Are Deep Thinkers: They analyse stuff more intimately and take into consideration what the heart feels, and not just what the mind thinks. That also includes the fact that they are problem solvers of another category, the one where they consider that nobody gets hurt (or at least they try).

3. They Are Great People Navigators:They pick up ‘vibes’ about people quickly, and tend to read minds (and hearts) in an authentic way, thanks to a stronger gut instinct.

4. They Build Solid Relationships: In every relationship, two analytically inclined people cannot really keep it going without friction. The relationship lasts longer if one person is more empathetic, patient and understands the other person better. Emotional people usually go that ‘extra’ mile in their relationships.

5. They Are More Self –Aware: They feel extra, or that is what the world thinks so. The more you feel, the more conscious you become of everything around you. Simple.

6. They Are More Raw And Authentic: Emotional people usually wear their hearts on their sleeves, so it becomes difficult for them to fake how they feel about something or someone. Though sometimes it is inevitable and one has to be more diplomatic when it comes to dealing with people and situations, emotionally sensitive people usually sail through that storm too.

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