What a Miracle of Powerful Subconcious Mind, Belief & Persistence!



A girl “Wilma Rudolf” was crippled by Polio in early childhood, when she was 4 years old. Doctor told that she would never walk again. Her mother said she would walk. Wilma believed her mother. Her mother decided she would do everything she could to help Wilma to walk again. She took her every week on a long bus trip to a hospital to receive therapy. It didn’t help, but the doctors said she needed to give Wilma a massage every day by rubbing her legs. She taught the brothers and sisters how to do it, and they also rubbed her legs four times a day.

By the time she was 8, she could walk with a leg brace. After that, she used a high-topped shoe to support her foot. She played basketball with her brothers every day.
Three years later, her mother came home to find her playing basketball by herself bare-footed. She didn’t even have to use the special shoe.

At age 16, in 1956 Olympics she won bronze in relay.
In 1960 Olympics, she became first American woman to win 3 Golds.

Wilma thought God had a greater purpose for her than to win three gold medals. She started the Wilma Rudolph Foundation to help children learn about discipline and hard work.

She died of brain cancer in 1994. Even though she is no longer alive, her influence still lives on in the lives of many young people who look up to her.

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