Why You Shouldn’t Hide Your Phone From Your Lover



We are living in an age where accessories and luxuries like cell phones, tabs and mobiles have become a necessity.
Other side of the picture in relationship is that cheating and betrayal have become more common due to these communication tools.When you partner watch your phone, It also creates doubts in relationships.
It also loose His/Her trust and reliability in relationship. To feel secure in a relationship, one has to eradicate everything and anything that can cause any doubts, insecurities or fears in the heart and mind of our significant other.
If you are honest in your relationship with your life partner, you will never let any doubts or apprehensions crawl into their hearts. That is why we consider that partners shouldn’t hide their phones from their significant others.

Here are some of the most convincing reasons why you shouldn’t hide your phone in a relationship.

1. It builds trust: Building trust is the key to a healthy relationship. Today, partners who don’t hide their cell phones from each other enjoy a deeper bonding of trust and faith.

2. Clarity in relationships: If your cell phone password is a barrier between you and your life partner, then there are chances that this four digit code can create thousands of doubts and insecurities in the mind of your partner.

3. If there is nothing suspicious, there won’t be any suspicions: If your significant other is not conscious about any text or caller ID appearing on their phone’s screen, then they surely don’t have anything to hide from you. But if you observe them being awkwardly alert while receiving a text or a call then there are chances that something fishy is going on. Don’t hide your phone.

4. It reduces the chances of fights: Today, couples get into spontaneous fights just because one of them is always over-protective or Short temper about his/her cell phone. If you are trying to hide your phone from your life partner, it will create a arguments, fights and conflicts.
In order to avoid unwanted disputes and quarrels.

5. Bonding together: Your life partner will have more trust in you if you don’t hide your phone details from them and you both will share a much closer bond with each other.

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