Treat the Government’s Property as Our Own



An Indian went to Japan & being his regular habit of resting the feet on opposite seat, he did the same while travelling in a train.

An elderly man came to him, took his feet onto his lap and sat on the seat. The Indian was awestruck.
He asked the gentleman “Sir, why did you leave your seat & come here to keep my feet on your lap and sit?”

The man answered, “mister, you have insulted us by misusing our public property. I was very angry at you for that. But you’re a guest to our country. I cannot insult you in public. You are habituated to rest your feet on the opposite seat of bus or train you travel. And I cannot see my country’s property being misused. So in order to save our public property & at the same time not to cause inconvenience to a guest, I took your feet on to my lap”.

The Indian felt ashamed & apologized to the gentleman.

The old Japanese man said to the Indian, “We treat the government’s property as our own as they are provided from public money. We respect the facilities & don’t misuse them. If you can make this habit, you don’t have to be insulted like this when you visit other countries’. The elderly gentleman gave a soft-spoken slap.

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