Incredible Underwater Photography Award Winners



Historically the UK has been home to some of the world’s most prestigious underwater photography competitions. Bernard Eaton kicked it off when he organized the first Brighton Underwater Film Festival in 1965 (and it was a competition that led to the foundation of the British Society of Underwater Photographers in 1967). Furthermore, Britain continues to be the home of world class wildlife photography competitions, like the Wildlife Photography of the Year and British Wildlife Photography Awards. But since these only cater to images of wildlife, fifty years after the original Brighton Festival they decided to bring a dedicated and international underwater photography contest back to Britain.

Battle at the Nine.' by Ralph Pace- News on Hunt

‘Battle at the Nine.’ by Ralph Pace (USA) “Nine miles off the coast of San Diego, CA is a high spot called the Nine Mile Bank. A great area to encounter pelagic animals in blue water. With much of the bait having moved north due to the warmer water El Nino regime, The Nine has been very different this year. As we were driving along we saw birds and a commotion at the surface. We quickly realized it was a sea lion eating a mola, not a sea lion’s common fare. It was incredible scene.”

'What feeds beneath' by Alejandro Prieto (Mexico) - news on Hunt

‘What feeds beneath’ by Alejandro Prieto (Mexico)


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